Publication of Quick Laptop Energy Labeling

/Publication of Quick Laptop Energy Labeling

Phuc Gia® – Leading Unit in Providing Energy Labeling Service For Laptops/Notebooks With Notable Brands Like: HP; Dell; Lenovo; etc. In addition to Laptops, Phuc Gia® Also Provides Energy Labeling Service For All Electronic Equipment Domestically And Internationally!

nhãn năng lượng laptop/ máy tính xách tay

Publication of Quick Laptop Energy Labeling

With more than 5 years of experience, Phuc Gia® is proud to be a pioneer in providing Logistics Services and Licensing Services to serve Import and Export issues such as: Publication of Energy Labels, Certificates of Conformity, Publication of Food Safety Conformity, Cosmetic Publication … (from 2012 to present). Currently we are proud to have consulted and provided services to more than 500 large and small units in and outside the country: Sharp (2012)Samsung (2012)Hitachi (2013)Electrolux (2013)Panasonic (2013)LG (2013)Sony (2013)Siemens (2013)Mitsubishi (2013)GE (2013)Haier (2014)Toshiba (2014)Carrier (2014)Philips (2014)HappyCook (2015)General (2015)TCL (2015)Alaska (2015)Casper (2015)Gree (2016)Hải Hà (2016)VinMart (2017)

With a wide network of Air, Sea and Road transport, along with a team of experts, specialized lawyers, extensive relationships & knowledge of legal procedures in Customs, Laboratories & Related Departments, Ministries, Phuc Gia® represents Enterprises to work with competent State agencies, expediting the preparation of complete and accurate documents, ensuring that goods can be transported to the Enterprise’s Warehouse fastest and most effectively!

Based on the minimum Energy Efficiency Level for the list of vehicles and equipment required to affix Energy Labels according to implementation regulations and schedules. (Decision 24/2018/QĐ-TTg). Based on the regulation of Energy Labeling for facilities and equipment using energy. (Circular 36/2016 / TT-BCT).

Video showcasing Test procedures and Publication of Energy Labeling for Laptop: 

Procedure for Energy Label Application Includes 02 Steps:



Phuc Gia Testing Laboratory – VILAS 1212 (designated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade) will directly test Laptops in Hanoi according to TCVN 11848:2017 and TCVN 11847:2017 (IEC 62623) for Notebook/ Laptops – Energy Efficiency

1.1) Scope of Application:

This standard specifies energy efficiency levels and energy consumption measurement methods for laptops and notebooks.

Laptops covered by this standard are ones defined in 4.1.2 of TCVN 11847:2017 (IEC 62623)

As follows:

Laptops are specially designed computers that are portable and can operate for long periods of time, with or without direct connection to the power supply. Laptops use integrated screens and are capable of operating from an integrated battery. In addition, most laptops use an EPS or AC adapter and have an integrated keyboard and pointing device. Laptops are often designed to provide the same functionality as desktop computers, including the operation of software that has the same function as used on desktop computers. In this standard, the plug is considered an accessory and therefore, it should not be considered as part of the EUT. Tablets, which can use touch screens along with or replacements for other input devices, are considered laptops in this standard. Small sized notebooks with smaller screen sizes (with restrictions) and smaller base memory sizes are also considered as laptops in this standard.

1.2) Energy Efficiency Requirements:

Amount of time required to activate the sleep mode of the system

The time to activate the sleep mode of the system must be less than 30 mins.

Amount of time required to activate the sleep mode of the display

The time to activate the sleep mode of the display must be less than 15 mins.

Typical energy consumption level (Minimum energy performance level MEPS)

The typical energy consumption (TEC) level of a laptop must be less than or equal to the maximum typical energy consumption (TECmax).

1.3Quotes of Energy Performance Testing Consultancy for Energy Labeling for Laptops/Notebooks:

I Laptop Testing 0 3.000.000 0 0 01 -03 days
II Shipping + Unloading/Loading 0 0 0 0 Variable
VAT 10%

Energy Efficiency Test Result for Laptops/Notebooks



2.1) What Phuc Gia® provide:

a) Free consultation of legal procedures

  • Consultation on regulations and procedures for Energy Labeling Application;
  • Consultation on testing: typical samples, testing criteria for each specific product;
  • Consultation on preparing documents of Energy Labeling Publication;
  • Consultation on questions about other legal issues involved.

b) Evaluate the legality of records

  • The team of experts and lawyers will analyze the legal conformity assessment records (able to arrange a lawyer meeting if the customer requires);
  • Support translation and notarization of relevant documents.

c) Helping customers with the procedure for applying Energy Labeling Publication

  • Conduct preparation for the dossier;
  • Submit the dossier to the Ministry of Industry and Trade;
  • Be responsible for monitoring the dossier, receiving results or handling feedback from specialized agencies.

2.2) Dossier of Laptop Energy Labeling Publication:

  1. Business registration certificate;
  2. Paper of Energy Labeling Publication; 
  3. Appendix of registered products;
  4. Test results;
  5. Expected energy stamp form;
  6. Ministry of Industry and Trade archives;

Along with other related documents.

2.3) Quotes of Laptops/Notebooks Energy Labeling Publication:

NO. SERVICE Quantity Fee per model Total cost Time
State Fee Service Fee
1 Consultation on Energy Labeling Publication for 01 Model, permanent effect until TCVN changes. (Insurance for 01 year). 0 0 5.000.000 0 05 – 07 days
2 Consultation on requesting the official dispatch to certify for the shipment (not exceeding 05 models) that is out of scope for Energy Labeling from Ministry of Industry and Trade, valid for each shipment

(Applicable to products outside TCVN).

0 0 5.000.000 0 05 – 07 days
3 Consultation on requesting a confirmation letter for the next model of the shipment that is out of scope for Energy Labeling from Ministry of Industry and Trade, valid for each shipment

(Applicable to products outside TCVN).

0 0 1.000.000 0
4 Optimize all issues during Energy Labeling Publication. 0 0 0 0 0
VAT 10%

Sample of Laptop Energy Labeling Publication



With Service Prices In High Segments, Why Is Phuc Gia® Still Considered As The Most Trustworthy Unit With Customs Services?

  • This is also a concern of many customers before choosing Phuc Gia® as a provider of Customs Services.
  • For over last 5 years Phuc Gia® has served more than 500 large and small enterprises in the country and internationally, more than 90% of enterprises that have used Phuc Gia® Customs Services commented that the quality of the service deserves the money they spent.
  • Customers commented that: “With the price the enterprise spent when using Phuc Gia® Customs Services, it is much cheaper than the cost and the time for the enterprise to learn by itself to complete the work, including: Bring products for testing, Self-study to prepare documents, Self-work with ministries and departments to complete documents; Self-clearance Customs license, etc. “
  • Phuc Gia® is committed to optimizing time, mind, energy and money in the clearance of goods as well as REDUCING RISK during the licensing process!




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